Thrawn: Ízelítő az első és második fejezetből

A Lázadókban való szereplésének bejelentésével egy időben tudtuk meg, hogy könyv is érkezik Thrawn előéletéből, méghozzá a megteremtője, Timothy Zahn tollából. A Thrawn című regény (ha a Legendákat is fegyelembe vesszük) a Kirajzás és a Lázadók között eltelt időt dolgozza fel.


Íme az első fejezet azon töredéke, melyben először látjuk meg Thrawnt:

After all the trouble the castaway had created on the planet surface, Eli had expected him to put up a terrific fight against his captors. To his surprise, he apparently surrendered to the stormtroopers without any resistance at all.

Perhaps he was taken by surprise. More likely, he knew when resistance was futile.

At least Eli understood now why Parck wanted him along. The prisoner’s cargo crates were labeled with a Sy Bisti variant. If he spoke the language itself—and if it was the only language he spoke—the Imperials would need a translator.

The group was halfway to the hatchway where Parck, Barris, Eli, and their stormtrooper escort waited when the hangar bay lights came back up.

The prisoner, as Eli had already noted, was of human shape and dimensions. But there the resemblance to normal humans ended. His skin was blue, his eyes a glowing red, and his hair a shimmering blue-black.

Eli stiffened. Back home on Lysatra, there were myths about beings like that. Proud, deadly warriors that the stories named Chiss.

With an effort, he tore his eyes away from the face and his mind away from the old myths. The prisoner was dressed in what appeared to be skins and furs, apparently sewn together from the indigenous animals of the forest where he’d been living. Even marching in the center of a rectangle of armed stormtroopers, he had an air of almost regal confidence about him.

Confidence. That was definitely part of the stories.

A részlet itt folytatódik.
A második fejezetben pedig már Thrawn és Palpatine első találkozásáról olvashatunk:

It was probably only five seconds. But to Eli it felt like a medium-sized eternity. The entire throne room was utterly still, utterly silent. The only sound was the thudding of his pulse in his ears, the only movement the shaking of his arms in his sleeves.

“Captain Parck,” the Emperor said at last, his gravelly voice neutral. “I’m told you bring me a gift.”

Eli winced. A gift? For the Chiss of the stories, that would have been a deadly insult. Thrawn was behind him, and he didn’t dare turn around, but he could imagine the expression on that proud face.

“I do, Your Majesty,” Parck said, bowing low. “A warrior reportedly of a race known as the Chiss.”

“Indeed,” the Emperor said, his voice going even dryer. “And what, pray tell, would you have me do with him?”

“If I may, Your Majesty,” Thrawn spoke up before Parck could answer. “I am not merely a gift. I am also a resource. One you have never seen the like of before, and may never see again. You would do well to utilize me.”

“Would I?” the Emperor said, sounding amused. “Certainly you’re a resource of unlimited confidence. What exactly do you offer, Chiss?”

“As a start, I offer information,” Thrawn said. If he was offended, Eli couldn’t hear it in his voice. “There are threats lurking in the Unknown Regions, threats that will someday find your Empire. I am familiar with many of them.”

“I will learn of them soon enough on my own,” the Emperor countered placidly. “Can you offer anything more?”

“Perhaps you will learn of them in time to defeat them,” Thrawn said. “Perhaps you will not. What more do I offer? I offer my military skill. You could utilize that skill in making plans to seek out and eliminate these dangers.”

A folytatásból kiderül, melyik Jedit ismerte Thrawn korábbról. :)
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